Ariana Grande and Mac Miller made a kiss everyone would love to talk about. Was it merely music chemistry between them, or was there any real romantic chemistry? Ariana Grande our cute Nickolodeon star was decided to debut an easy to listen yet delightful “The Way,” and eventually she chose worked with Pittsburgh MC Mac Miller. The duo they both combined is such a perfect portrays of teenage love – can we say them as teenage by the way? But they look so young and cute anyway! – careless and lovely.

Which side are we? Are we in those who think that there is a real affair between Ariana Grande and Mac Miller, or are we in those who think that both of Ariana Grande and Mac Miller were only doing their job really well? No matter on which side we are, it’s still lovely to see a young teenage chemistry like what Ariana and Mac Miller has shown us. Both of them eventually realize that what they have shown lately to the public has raised a blow. Mac Miller in one of his MTV interviews explained that moment. Well, it just lets us love it more and more, we all know how an accidental and unintended kiss actually is more romantic and more intimate compared to a kiss under a scenario. However Mac Miller told MTV that Ariana Grande actually might have a boyfriend, but that is a part of ordinary drama between teenage love stories we even love more right? We are sorry if the real boyfriend of Ariana Grande got his heart broken, but let us enjoy the story of this cute and unique couple of Ariana Grande and Mac Miller more. We think they are cute to be together.

More from the MTV interview season, Mac Miller also told that Ariana is a great singer. We could not agree more that it is the first sign of magic. Overall Mac Miller seems to really enjoy his project with Ariana, perhaps even more than that. Mac Miller told MTV that Ariana Grande is the nicest people he ever met in his life. Wow, we agree that is clear enough and wondering how Ariana Grande think and react about this. Come on Ariana Grande and Mac Miller, we want more of your project.

There is another spice which makes the duo of Ariana Grande and Mac Miller sparks more; they both is such a unique couple; we mean look at how cute Ariana Grande is, even she has grown up from those little kids star Nickolodeon, we still see her now as a lovely and adorable figure. At the same time, Mac Miller is also young, but with the touch of rebels in above his young figure, makes him and Ariana Grande so contrast when they are together. Anything can still happen, let us just wait more updates from Ariana Grande and Mac Miller. Please check another celebrity gossip on this site by click the celebrity category.

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