Ariana Grande is a talented actress and also a singer. She was born on June 26, 1993 in Florida. Nowadays she is active as a singer and songwriter. Her first debut in music was in 2008. She was played as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon television series. She has a lot of musical experience that now she is a singer. Aside as a singer, she is also known as an actress of Victorious in 2009 which raise his name until everybody knows her. Her family background is not a musician. But her father was a chief executive officer (CEO) of the Telephone Company. And her mother isa graphic designer who she calls as a non-housewife type.

Nowadays she is releasing his new album and also really active as a singer. Before she becomes a singer, an earlier age, she often played in school theatre and got many awards. She likes to watch a horror movies and her mother says that she will be a serial killer. Ariana Grande said that she cannot get enough to watch horror movies. When she was a little girl, she often wears a horror masked and run over her house. She thought that she was a weird little girl that really loves to something related to horror and scary thing. Every year she often attends Halloween Festival that makes her feel satisfied. Before she serious in music, as it said before, her first character that her role was Annie in Fort Lauderdale Children. She was 13 that time.

In her earlier age, exactly in 13, she also tries to focus on her music career as she first expressed to her manager to record an R&B album. But her manager said that how a 14-year-old girl could be liked by everyone to sing that kind of song. In 2009 next, Ariana Grande finally got his first serious role in television series, Nickelodeon, Victorious, which is known as Cat Valentine. In this TV series, she got many viewers and also filmed in 2010. She started to release her first debut album in 2010 and began to focus on it. In December she released her first song entitled “Put Your Hearts Up” and got positive response from people.

Aside those songs and albums, this year 2014, she will release another album entitled “My Everything” that will follow her previous successful album, Yours Truly. On previous album, Yours Truly, Ariana Grande spent almost three years to record it. And it resulted really fantastic. It got to No. 1 of US Billboard 200 albums with its 138.000 copies is sold. That was really tracking her popularity as a young singer and also as her motivation in recording her next album. She have concerted on many places and also got many awards as a young singer. She said that everything is very fantastic to be a young singer with huge of fans everywhere. Her very honor performance was on March 2014 when she invited to sing in the White House. Ariana Grande will release her My Everything album soon as she says to her fans this year.

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