The report of Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is now popular on the internet. Who does not know Nicki Minaj? As a singer, Nicki Minaj is known for her sexy body. Her appearance can attract the public attention and media. She always performs in every big event to entertain her fans. However, there are some critics to this jury of American idol. This singer is issued to have plastic surgery on some parts of her body because her appearance is look like a Barbie doll. The character of Barbie that is created by her makes the people wondering about plastic surgery. Is that really happening? She clearly refuses the issue. She said that report of Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is not true. She has never performed any plastic surgery on her body or face, all is natural.

nicki minaj plastic surgery before after

nicki minaj plastic surgery before after

Then, she reveals the secret of her appearance. The secret of her appearance is a make-up that supports her appearance to look different. In the interview with Extra that is published by the Huffington Post, the singer or Anaconda denies in performing plastic surgery. “I never perform any plastic surgery; people think that I had plastic surgery. In fact, all is due to make up.” said Nicki. She is one of the ambassadors for MAC make-up; this judge of American Idol keeps changing her appearance to impress many people. The method is only by making up to make the contour of her face becoming more beautiful, just like a Barbie doll. In order to beautify her appearance, Nicki Minaj trusted her assistants to fix up her appearance. The make-up team performs a certain technique in her face; as a result, she looks like performing plastic surgery. She keeps emphasizing that the report of Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is not true.

Before, she ever exposed her beautiful butt in mysterious island when she made the latest video clip entitled “Freaks”. The video clip takes some of Nicki’s sexy pose in several places. Collaborated with French Montana, Nicki wore gold jacket and leopard design breeches. The singer who was born in Trinidad looked beautiful with it. Actually, Nicki Minaj feels disappointed with the issue about plastic surgery. The rumor is really disturbing her daily activity. The public judges her appearance quite weird and start to think that it is the result of plastic surgery. The issue is not only reporting that she had plastic surgery on the face, but also in the other party such as breast, butt and others.

Now, the people can judge whether Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is true or not. In fact, she denied that sheperforms plastic surgery, the changes in her appearance is purely a make-up. She had professional who can change her appearance to be like a Barbie doll. Many people love her appearance because she looks sexy. Then, another issue of this singer appears that her butt is a fake. This assumption is started when the rapper performsthe latest hits entitled Anaconda in the heart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas. When she lay down her body on the stage, the fans saw a peculiarity in the shape of her butt. It seems unnatural. Now, the fans can judge whether the report of Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is a reliable report or not.

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