Living room colors ideas for dark furniture – Dark wood furniture often have a classic look that blends better with conservative and traditional setting. Think of a drawing room or library with high ceilings and windows and a luxurious coat of paint on the walls, or even wallpaper with subtle stripes. Add a moss green sofa to the mix and you have established a color palette that will affect the tone of the rest of the room.

Choose curtains based on a palette of earth colors, greenish brown. That is a bit limited choice of colors for the curtains, but there is still a wide variety of attractive options based on your preferences for living room colors ideas for dark furniture.

1. White

It’s a challenge to go incorrect along with straightforward cotton curtains or white linen. The color will keep the brightness and freshness of the room helping to filter the sunlight, and the essential style can add a part of freshness towards the space. Find simple white panels with lace or eyelet design on sides or panels without designs.

2. Light gray or copper

Living room colors ideas for dark furniture wood in the room will be shades of gray or red, depending on the dye and the type of wood used. If the furniture is cooler tones, gray shades are more appropriate. If the tone is more reddish shades will look better copper or light brown.

3. Green

Combine the curtains with sofa using a in a shade of green. Choose a lighter or darker than the couch or opt for curtains that combine with green moss tone. Whatever shade of green you choose, should be complemented with green sofa. For example, if you choose a few shades lighter green color they should look to get if you mix them paint the same color white with green sofa.

4. Old Lace

No need to find a real antique lace to achieve the effect of lace, and that’s what really matters. Search lace in a soft cream color for living room colors ideas for dark furniture. This type of curtain hardly filtered light, but will create a light and airy quality that contrast with the dark heavy furniture and color of the sofa.

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