Good news at once shocking about Vanessa Carlton pregnant. Wife vocalist of rock band Deer Tick, John McCauley, it is currently pregnant with her ??first child. Singer of the song “A Thousand Miles” announced the good news via Facebook, on Thursday (26/6), by uploading photos belly began to grow. “Now I can reveal the reason why” Liberman “(the title of the fifth album) will not be released until next summer. Look at the photo below,” she wrote.

Many fans were happy with Vanessa Carlton pregnant. When she making a statement on facebook, she also joked about belly began to grow. “No, it’s not a pile of bread. I was pregnant. Baby is healthy and fit,” she added. “I’m sad to delay the album because it is so special to me and is a perfect composition,” continued the 33-year-old singer. “When I recorded it, the song it feels good. I hope you feel the same way in time! Thank you for waiting. John, Victor (Vanessa dog), I’m very happy.

Vanessa and McCauley were married in December 2013, in a wedding that was inaugurated friend Vanessa who was also a rock singer, Stevie Nicks. A month before their wedding, Vanessa admitted on the official website has had an ectopic pregnancy. “Pregnancy cannot be forwarded because the fetus cannot grow, and at high risk for the mother because of the potential rupture of the tube and internal bleeding,” Vanessa clear at the time. “I realized, I’m a lucky woman of many facets.” That’s the latest news from Vanessa Carlton pregnant.

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