Fireball whiskey has its popularity in most Europe because of its ingredients. Fireball whiskey is an alcoholic liqueur with cinnamon flavor which based on the whiskey distillery. Fireball whiskey liqueur product is made by Sazeratec Company; it contains 33% alcohol by volume. This liqueur product is composed based on Canadian whisky because of its unique characteristics. The product has its production in Canada, in the history it is dated in the middle of 1980 and regains its popularity outside Canada. With great development, the Fireball is spread over the United States and UK then also in other various countries. The history of this brand is come from the Seagram company who products liqueur from a Canadian bartender. In 1989, the recipe bought by the Sazeratec Company.

Wiskey is very popular beverages which contains alcohol in distilled process. The basic ingredients for this liquor is grain mash, there are various grains that used in various types, like corn, barley, wheat and rye. When comes in fermentation process, the base material then stored in wooden barrel which made from white oaks. There are many types and classes of whisky in throughout world which has strictly regulated; one of them is Fireball whiskey. The foundation of the types and classes are based on the raw grain material, distillation process and aging when stored in wooden barrel. With the fermentation processes in white oak barrel, the taste of the whiskey has distinctive taste. With the development of marketing growth, the whiskey has reclaimed its popularity.

Dr. McGillicuddy’s Fireball Whisky is the origin name of market brand. To gain better marketing field, the company set new name for this product, then in 2006 the product has its new name the Fireball whiskey. There are many ways to drink this beverage, people puts many way as their preferable taste. The common way to drink this liquor is by straight shots, as the official website said “the cinnamon flavor is often used for shooters but can add character to a mixed drink. The famous mixed cocktail beverages also use this liquor as one of its ingredients. You can find some cocktails recipes in the official website such as, red apple spice, fire nut ball, ring of fire and many more.

Fireball whiskey has several health issues from local government in the areas that they market their products. Sweden and Finland are several countries that expel their ban regulation for this Fireball whiskey, they have discovery that this beverage contained high propylene glycol which are regulated under 0.1 grams per kilo in the EU. The government has to recall all batches that has been marketed in the Sweden and Norway and issued to refund the product. Norway also has strict regulation for this liquor since it has been temporary banned due to the limit of consumable propylene glycol. In the manufacturer press release, they said this recall is must be done in the matter of recipe compliance. The alcohol beverages regarded to the chemical contains has to be drunk in responsibility like Fireball whiskey.

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