Ulysse Nardin & HBO works to generate the official Game of Thrones watch

Are you currently a game title of Thrones fan? Here’s news for you personally! Swiss manufacturer, Ulysse Nardin has lately worked with with Cinemax, starting the “Night’s Watch”, a signature special edition watch out for males. True, you’d be all excited with this particular bit of information. Nonetheless, getting were built with a first consider the watch, it stored nagging us that we’ve had something similar to it before. And bang, there jumps from the closet certainly one of Ulysse Nardin’s own – the Black Ocean watch. Both watches as mirror images of one another. The only real difference being its highlighted color and branding. As the Black Ocean shows blue accents, the recently released Night’s Watch reflects red-colored. For the branding, both links from the Black Ocean showcase “Ulysse Nardin” engraves while either from the links around the recently released display different engraves Body – “The Night’s Watch” logo design having a sword and also the other – The Night’s Watch motto – “I am the sword within the darkness”.

Ulysse Nardin & HBO works to generate the official Game of Thrones watch

However, we don’t plan to nullify the exclusivity and originality from the Night’s Watch marine diver watch from Ulysse Nardin. The Swiss watch manufacturing company has frequently been glorified because of its works, so let not additional factors bother you. Actually, proceed take pleasure in the idea of possessing the official Bet on Thrones “The Night’s Watch”wristwatch because you will see available, beginning from June, only 25 exclusive bits of this alllow for $10,500.

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