You’ve really matured want to build a house with modern architecture? But you are still puzzling over the concept of modern kitchen architecture? Here you will find the answer.

To build a modern kitchen there are three concepts that you must understand. What are they?

There are three main activities in a modern kitchen storage, preparation, and cooking. The three activities are closely interrelated with each other and consecutively to each other. A modern kitchen architecture is well designed so that all three of these activities are complementary and supportive.

Three of these activities bore a pattern called the Triangle Concept (Concept Triangle). This concept was first developed at the Univerity of Illinois School of Architecture in 1940. Triangle concept is used as a basic reference by architects and interior designers to design a modern kitchen.

The triangle concept regulate the flow of movement activity simultaneously divides the kitchen area into 3 main areas:

1 . Storage area : refrigerator for wet food and cabinet for dry food

2 . Area cleaning is washing area groceries and cookware such as kitchen sink or dishwasher.

3 . A cooking area, cooking area appliances such as a stove, oven, microwave, etc.


Have answered your questions about how to design modern kitchen architecture?

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