Miley Ray Cyrus is a singer and songwriter from America, the daughter of the famous country musician, Ray Cyrus. The 22-year-old girl is so awesome and fabulous because she has made many hit songs for some years in her career. She is not only a good singer, but also a good actress as well. She has played many movies where the soundtrack of the movies sings by herself. This makes her even more and more popular during her career in both acting and music.

Miley Ray Cyrus firstly came to the entertainment world not as a singer, but as an actress when she played as Hannah Montana in the popular television series titled Hannah Montana. That was in 2006 and she has started her career as an actress and she also made another step by singing the eight tracks in the movie and made them as her first album. So, from that year, Miley has been known as a multitalented singer because she is not only good at singing or song writing, but also at acting.

From the time she made her first album Hannah Montana in 2006, there are many songs she made that are always on the top list of world chart. Surely Miley Ray Cyrus has made many great songs because she has the total of four studio albums and four soundtrack albums until now. The first single Miley Ray Cyrus brought to the top ten of U.S Billboard chart is “See You Again”, from her first studio album in the Hannah Montana Series. She also made her first studio album, not for Hannah Montana, the Breakout Album, which features some popular songs such as “7 Things” and “The Bottom of the Ocean”.

After releasing her second studio album, she then made her third studio album, Can’t Be Tamed, released in 2010. The top song in this album is the song with the same name, Can’t Be Tamed, which sat on the number 8 in the 2010 U.S Billboard Chart. The songs on the Miley Ray Cyrus’ albums are made in half pop and half rock style, the iconic style of Miley Cyrus with her great rock voice. The ballad song from her album, like “When You Look at Me” taken from the soundtrack of “The Last Song” is a great, touching song from her that is also popular.

For the fourth studio album, Bangerz, Miley has changed a lot from her appearance in the style of her music. It seems like she wants to change the image of the old Miley Cyrus. The songs in the new album are made in dirty south hip hop and pop make her new songs on the new album sound different, especially since she works with hip-hop producer, Mike Will Make It, in the songs of the fourth album, the sense of hip hop can be well felt and enjoyed. “We Can’t Stop” has been on the third place in the U.S Billboard Chart followed by the “Wrecking Ball”, which is considered as Miley Cyrus’ first top song that sits at number one in the U.S. so, this is all about the great and the multi talented Miley Ray Cyrus.

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