The Los Angeles City College is one place where you can continue your study after senior high. This college becomes the favorite of many people because of the location that is near the Hollywood, the paradise of entertainment and shopping in the United States of America. Even though the college is located near the central of American entertainment, it turns out that many people choose this college because of other reasons such as the quality and the career opportunity that they offer. For your information, there are some students who choose this college to earn their bachelor degree within a couple of years and use the college as the stepping stone to go to a better university and ready for the real competition there.

Besides, as the stepping stone, Los Angeles City College is also chosen because of the alumni of the college that get a better pays for their future career after graduated from the college. As an addition, many people who want to get an advanced career usually choose this college. All of those things can be achieved by this college because this college is minimizing the number of students in every class that they have. For example, when many big colleges are having about 40 students in each class, this university only has about 20 students.

If you think that the price of the tuition will be expensive for such facilities, then you will not need to worry. Since the Los Angeles City College is classified as the public college, the tuition price of this college is considerably cheap, so that many people will be able to afford the programs here. In fact, the college personally stated that more 50% of the students get the free waiver that will cost them zero tuition fees. However, you will surely need to pay the housing on your own since this college does not offer the housing, just like the other colleges. However, you do not need to worry since there are a lot of houses and apartments that you can choose starting from a very low price to the more expensive one.

If you love to socialize with many people, then this college might be one thing that you are looking for. That is because Los Angeles City College can be said as one college that has the largest diversity of the students. Here you will be able to find many Asians, Latin-American, Afro-American, and many other that you will rarely find around your place.

Even though the college is focused on the education of the students, does not mean that this college is lack of other activities. This college also has some student activities that you might want to join. You can join the social and cultural academic clubs as well as the music, dance and also the theatre clubs. Filming is another example of clubs, activity that is considered in the art activities. So, from all of those explanations about this college, are you interested in going to the Los Angeles City College?

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