Charlotte McKinney is famous after she becomes the commercial model at the annual event Super Bowl in 2015. This woman is in the public eye because she is beautiful and very sexy. Men definitely wait the presence of this sexy model at the Super Bowl because she has very sensual big boobs. She is one of the models on the cover of sports events and magazines. He is the next generation of Heidi Klum and Kate Upton. After performing at the Super Bowl, she has a lot of fans, especially in social media. If you look at her social media accounts, McKinney already has 13,800 followers on Twitter. Meanwhile, in Instagram account, this woman has followers more than 223,000. The number of followers will continue to rise after she became a model of a burger babe for Carl’s Jr. Cheeseburger. The world seems to shout out to see McKinney photos that hold a burger with super sexy facial expressions.

In addition, Charlotte McKinney also often shares a photo that shows her curves in the bikini. All men would agree that this woman has a perfect body. From head to toe, McKinney is the embodiment of perfection of a woman. If you are curious and want to know more about her, you can add her account in your social media. Do not wonder why Charlotte McKinney often uploads bikini photos because she is the lingerie model from Guess. Most the photo has beautiful and exotic beachbackground. As information, before joining the Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl, this woman underwent the bikini photo shoot on the Malibu beach. She uploads this photo on Instagram and Twitter. Therefore, for you who follow her activities on Twitter, you can enjoy most of her photos that she uploads on Instagram.

Her sensual curves look perfect with her brown skin tone. In addition, she has blonde hair. This is what makes men fall in love and adore her. Since Super Bowl is first aired, Charlotte McKinney has managed to steal the attention of the public. It is a quite interesting phenomenon because the Super Bowl is always presenting super pretty and sexy models every year. McKinney has a sexiness and physical beauty that is comparable to the Super Bowl’s model in the year before, Kate Upton. She is even dubbed as the next Kate Upton because they have physical characteristics is almost the same. For men, prepare your heart to see McKinney appears with a bikini on the catwalk stage.

Talking the McKinney sexiness feels incomplete if we do not discuss her background. She was 22-year-old girl who was born in Orlando, Florida. Not only being a model, she is also believed to be a model of the latest video clips from North of Nine. In the video clip, she played a sexy nurse in white medical uniforms. McKinney does the super-hot kiss scene with the lead singer of North of Nine, Jackson Guthy. The scene seems to get more attention from the viewers. Many people, especially men see the video just to see the appearance of Charlotte McKinney.

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