Amanda Bynes plastic surgery has been a hot topic ever since she admitted that she has undergone several plastic surgeries to their nose. Plastic surgery is a not a new topic among celebrities since people have known that celebrities tend to look perfect by doing plastic surgery. However, not all of them are brave to admit that they have got plastic surgery. So, what Amanda did is actually a good thing to do since she herself talk in public about the plastic surgery. With her image being a troubled actress has made her get so many bad opinions today. With her coming off with an admission of were plastic surgery make her even get a worse image.

Seriously, who does not know Amanda Jones? She has started her career as an actress since she was 7 years old. At that young age, she has proved that she has the talent and she really was. However, she tends to make lots of troubles too during her career. Going to a court is one of the results of their troublemaker actions. Amanda Bynes plastic surgery that has been publicly admitted on her Twitter account does not really make public surprised regarding that she has made many troubles all this time.

She does not only admitted that she has gotten plastic surgery to her nose for the webbing between her eyes. She also admitted that she enjoyed doing plastic surgery with the knife slicing on her skin. Amanda Bynes plastic surgery can be one of her ways to show her obsessions of her looks, which everyone has known. So, although she admitted that she had it, it seems like a new thing for people because she has been under lots of problems recently. Especially the fact that she used to get some medication, then her admitting might not be a problem for people.

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery can be openly seen and read from her tweets on her twitter account, which has been her habit to make such kinds of tweets to greet her followers. Also, she recently has a problem about her dad going to jail and it does not seem even disturbed her. Some sources, even said that Amanda Bynes plastic surgery will be continued because she wants to remove the micro cysts under her eyes. This news sounds not really controversial since this is Amanda Bynes who does it.

Several times Amanda Jones has shown up to the public with some bandages on her face, making people speculate that she has got another plastic surgery. Some sources, even said that she did it to her head. Also, many times she came up wearing glasses as if she wanted to hide something behind. This might be true that she had gotten what she wanted to do with her eyes. Whatever it is, she has enjoyed her life with some troubles she make and people might not need to judge her since they do not really know what is behind the act of Amanda Bynes plastic surgery.

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