Joan Rivers before plastic surgery was the one who was lovely, naturally beautiful and original. In this world, most people know about this attractive woman. Many comedy shows and albums are being released by her. She is an icon of woman comedian. She is known for her comedy. She is also known for her controversial plastic surgery. Many people adore her as one of the most controversial, funny, and smart women in the world. Joan Rivers is actually born with the name of Joan Alexandra Molinsky. She is a Russian Jew. Her father is Meyer, CMolinsky and her mother is Beatrice Molinsky. She was born in Brooklyn, United States. She has an elder sister, Barbara Waxler. At her young age, she attended school for her academic needs, which are the Brooklyn Ethical Culture School and Adelphi Academy. She is graduated with the title of Bachelor of Arts in English literature and anthropology from Barnard College.

Joan Rivers before Plastic Surgery

Joan Rivers before Plastic Surgery

Her career started when she appeared as a lesbian in the serial of Driftwood. Then, she also started her host career when she firstly appeared on The Tonight Show, hosted by Jack Paar. Then, she started her host career when she became the host with Johnny Carson. She also got her career improved since she made her appearances in some talk shows. This was the time when she is still the Joan Rivers before plastic surgery. As the time goes, Rivers got even more popular with her host career. She got married to James Sanger in 1955, but it just lasted in six months when she knew that Sanger didn’t want to have children.

Joan Rivers was known as a great host and she was also known as a plastic surgery maniac. She had done many procedures. Some of the sources aregiven the amount of the procedures which had been taken by Rivers are 744 times. The ironic things was when her second husband, Edgar Rosenberg decided to secede, Rivers was in the progress of liposuction. There were so many things happened which had changed Joan Rivers before plastic surgery. But, no matter how much Joan Rivers before plastic surgery had changed after her many procedures of plastic surgery she was still the woman who is humorous and fun with her jokes.

Joan Rivers was also known for her philanthropy in giving the gods for the HIV/AIDS sufferers. She gave foods for them and she even got the name of Joan deArc from them for her philanthropy. She donated many things and did manly things during her life for people with HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, Joan Rivers had to meet her death with the most ironic thing to her. She died on September 4, 2014 when she got her throat procedure, not because of the risks, dangerous cosmetic surgery procedures. People mourned her and praised her as the mosthumorous woman ever existed. Many people have even memorized her as one of the influencing people in the world. As many people love her, they memorize her both as the Joan Rivers before plastic surgery and after her procedures, she is still herself inside no matter what have been changed outside.

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