Before going to the next level, usually the couple wants to tie their love with a word of engagement. One of the important things in the engagement moment is that engagement ring. it is  a kind of special thing for the woman. The ring is the sign form the man that he loves the woman a lot and the woman means everything for him. It is also the symbol of the seriousness of the couple to get next step that is wedding. Therefore, engagement ring is always to be the main attention for the man. As well as celebrity engagement rings that becomes the attention because of the price and the design which is very beautiful and luxury. Special in this article, we are going to discuss about the most expensive engagement ring for the celebrity that may be your inspiration to make your own engagement ring.

For the Hollywood celebrity, engagement ring is really mean. Therefore there is some great preparation to make the ring. They can pay billions of dollars to pay an engagement ring for his lover. The design and style of engagement ring also success to attract the public attention with its luxury design. Are you curios about the celebrity engagement rings? Let’s take a look the list of them who has expensive engagement ring. Celebrity number one is the royal princess of The United Kingdom, Kate Middleton. Her engagement ring is given by the empire family of her love, Prince William. The ring has long history of hereditary of royal family. It has also ever use by Princess Diana. It is made 18 carat of blue sapphire with oval Princess cut style. This engagement ring is the legendary ring of The United Kingdom Empire. It has already wowed the attention of people in the world.

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

Celebrity engagement rings number two is the singer with high vocal tone, Mariah Carey. This is one of a kind ring of world star. It is also already wowed the attention of woman in the world. This ring is claimed that it has USD $2, 5 billion. This is made very special by Jacob & Co with 17 carat of pink diamond which is placed in the center of the ring and surround with 58 pieces of small pink diamonds. This is truly wow as the engagement ring. You can imagine how beautiful it is. Celebrity number three, you must be know this super sexy woman, Victoria Beckham. She is given a beautiful ring from Beckham which is made of 3 carat of marquise. The ring is seen beautiful and heavy, but this engagement ring is crowned as the most beautiful engagement ring among the other celebrities.

The last celebrity engagement rings are Beyonce. The fantastic engagement ring of Beyonce is already wowed the public, it cannot be hidden by her. Her husband Jay Z gave her Lorraine Scwartsz ring which is made of 18 carat of diamond. THE cost of this sing is around USD$5 billion. SO, which one do you like?

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