Rye whiskey is one types of whiskey. When you are trying to define Rye try not to confuse by other kinds of whiskey. When you drink Rye you will drag into historical naming from the discoveries of Rye in Canada. It is false when you think that Rye Whiskey is made from Rye in dominant amount, it is not always. The Canada is the oldest manufacturing of Rye in the country; in that time most ingredients are filled by Rye which made its name. But nowadays there is no liquor that possesses that old ingredient. The amount of Rye in Rye Whiskey in this nowadays is just to add taste, aroma and character that belong to the Canadian liquor. It is hard to find fully 100% Rye Whiskey in the market.

So the Rye whiskey is divided into two types, the American whiskey and Canadian whiskey. The Canadian whiskey is just the brand of whiskey regarded to the historical reason since the Canadian Rye Whiskey was discovered here. In fact most Canadian Rye Whiskey has no actual Rye content in it. While the American Rye whiskey is regulated as at least 51% of rye in the distillation process. In the process there use other ingredients such corn and barley. The rye whiskey is stored in the new oak barrels to give certain taste and aroma. When the rye whiskey is fermented over two years then categorized as straight.

People like to say that Canadian whiskey is Rye whiskey even this labeling is too much for the Rye content. When you want to make legally Canadian whisky there is no need to put Rye as the ingredients. Modern Canadian people are preferred to dissolve the rye whiskey with flavored whiskey to get lower proof. This case also happened in America where they dilute the straight Rye whiskey into lower proof flavoring whiskey to get the suitable taste. The most Canadian whiskey is made only from a small amount of Rye. While in American Rye it requires three years of fermentation process in 700 litres new oak barrel.

American rye is different from bourbon. The Rye whiskey has no fruity flavor as the bourbon has. In other side, the bourbon which distilled from 51 percent corn will give sweeter taste and somehow smoother than the Rye. The bold flavor of the American Rye sometimes compared to the Islay whiskey which seems to be the badass whiskey. But apparently the bourbon has its popularity in the Southern America, seen that bartenders prefer to change the Rye in the Old Fashioned, Whiskey sours and manhattans with bourbon. The straight taste of American Rye seems to be too hard compared with the bourbon. Whatever you choose the American Rye or Canadian Rye it your choice to get what you want, you deserve the best liquor which suitable for your pocket. The whiskeys are the best friends when you were in relax moment or even in a bad day and need something to burst it off? Try the Rye whiskey.

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