Ellen DeGeneres has been the iconic host talk show since she has been working and creating a great career in her great talk show, the Ellen Show. Everyone knows her and everyone loves the show. Since she started her career as a comedian, then she has her own unique way to host the show and do something different. Her uniqueness make the show so lively and this is the reason why the show is so popular until now. Since she has been working and creating her career as a comedian since 1981 and this has been a long, long time until she reaches the peak today. So, there is a long journey she had been through to make this great career she has been living.

Ellen DeGeneres was used to be a normal student since she studied at the University of New Orleans in 1976, but she dropped out of the university when she was still in the first semester. After that dropping out, she did lots of jobs and one day she came to join a stand-up comedy, which is the beginning of her career as a comedian. From the stand-up comedy, she then joined small comedy clubs until in 1981 she finally got to the Clyde’s Comedy Club.

Ellen DeGeneres was so awesome. She won the cable network Showtime and she then named as the funniest person in the U.S. Since that time, she began touring nationally in the U.S letting people know who she was. She became better and better afterwards and after that time, in 1986, she made her first appearance that allowed people even know her even more on the famous Tonight Show. Because of her popularity since she won the Showtime and made her first appearance on the Tonight Show, she was awarded to have her series television, the Open House in 1898 and the Lurie Hill in 1992.

However, it seemed that television series she starred that time was not really successful. It did not make her down anyway and she was still fabulous because after that, she played in the These Friends of Mine in 1994. This sitcom was named as Ellen starting from 1994 after the sitcom has finished the first season and came up in the second season with a different name. Surely it shows that Ellen DeGeneres are still wanted by the U.S and still the funniest person.

So, in the sitcom, she played as herself, DeGeneres, since the sitcom itself was named after her name. That was a history because though she played as herself, she played as a different character, which was a lesbian. Unfortunately, Ellen DeGeneres again could not reach the success of her own show since this was canceled since the ratings are not really good. After that long time of history and journey, finally DeGeneres had her own show again in 2001, the Ellen Show. Poor Ellen even the Ellen Show was canceled again due to the bad ratings. However, the hard work she has done to make her success was finally paid off when the Ellen DeGeneres Show was launched in 2003 and considered as the most famous talk show in the U.S. this is not easy, but we all know that it deserves the hard work of Ellen DeGeneres.

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