Best designs for kitchen – The wall tile in the kitchen is usually one of the best places to add a splash of color or an intricate design space. The best walls of this type depend on the color range of your kitchen designs that you want to display or general style and theme of the rest of the place.

1. Tiles with themed images

The best designs for kitchen with a wall tile, stone or metal themed show pictures of your kitchen, make the complete decoration. If bunches of grapes are shown in cloths and cans choose a terracotta colored wall carvings showing grapes or white tile wall with elaborate images of grapes and vines painted on the tile. A wall of metal embossed with the initial of the name of your family will complete the kitchen with other custom accents, such as pictures of you and your children cooking together in gold or silver frames on the walls or framed family recipes in the kitchen cupboards.

2. Mosaic pattern

The best designs for kitchen with use tiles to create a mosaic design for wall customize the kitchen space, regardless of the color range. For example, if in the decoration of the kitchen are included colors as warm orange, red and yellow, choose a tile design that shows oranges, strawberries and lemon to the back of the stove. For a monochromatic kitchen in the range of brown, the actual walls demonstrating 3 or four times in the same color ranges as cocoa, chocolate, wheat and oats add texture in the house; because the color is not overwhelming, you may reveal a design wall tiles behind the stove so as along the area of the cabinets.

3. Marble design

The best designs for kitchen with walls of marble tiles add an elegance that is timeless to the kitchen with a topic or monochrome space like Tuscan or Roman accents. For example, a kitchen decorated with colors white, cream or gray will stand out more with a wall of marble tile showing rich shades of brown with touches of white and variations of gray. Marble is also a feature of classic dishes that will make the works of art of Italian style fruit and landscapes or small columns wrapped in synthetic vines look more authentic. A decorated with light and dark shades of gray kitchen, will benefit from a tiled wall of marble black for the stove or along the main wall between the countertop and kitchen cabinets. While marble black not necessarily add color to the space, the textural appeal to change the view.

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