Survival Foods

Disasters have become a worryingly consistent trend that have been putting many lives at risk. They come and rock the stability of lives and cause an untold suffering to you and your family. In order for you to minimize discomfort and be able to provide food to your table in the time when you will not be able to run to the grocery store to replenish your depleted stock it is important to stack your larder with survival foods. These will go a long way to providing your family with much needed nutrients that will keep you all healthy.

Among your foods will be canned foods which consist of meats, fruits and different cereals and vegetables. Some of these products have a long shelf life of two years and more while some have a few months expiration. The short lived ones like canned tomatoes and fruits should be used a few weeks after purchase so that they do not rot. You should then replace the survival foods that you use up. Remember that you need to be stocking up for three weeks plus.
Dried grains are also very good as they are easily preservable under good circumstances.

Survival Foods

These grains include corn, beans, rice, peas, green-grams among other nutrient laden foods. The easiest way to preserve them is to use plastic seal able containers with the use of dry ice and salt. Keep the grains in sealed nylon packs and put them in these containers putting the preservatives after. Nutritious treats like peanut butter and honey are also very good to stock in your survival foods as well. They provide you with a delicious snack by themselves and are also used as an accompaniment and flavoring agents. Remember preparing in advance gives you peace of mind and ease even in the crisis situation.

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