Survival food list

In these precarious times when you never know what tomorrow will bring, it is important to always be prepared for the eventuality of being caught in the confines of your home. Of the things that will come to mind when you think of being stranded for an unprecedented period of time, you will put food at the top of your needs list. It is therefore important to consider building your food storage at home with a variety of foods that can last you those times. In order to buy these foods you will need to prepare a survival food list. This will aid you knowing what you are lacking and also help you make a budget.

When you are planning ahead, you will consider foods that have a long shelf life. This is because disaster never has a predefined lasting time line. You will need to put in your list dried grains. Of the best is rice which is affordable and has a more than 5 years shelf life. Dried corn and beans also have long shelf lives and offer a variety of nutrients essential for a healthy diet. Flavoring agents like salt and sugar will also be of most importance too to include in your survival food list. Sugar in both brown and white variety will offer much needed calories while salt will afford flavor as well as preservative abilities to other foods.

Survival food list

Consider also desiccated coconut which has a shelf life of up to 2 years. It provides flavor and nutrients to your food like rice. Honey is another flavoring agent which lasts a long time and has powerful nutrients to help keep you healthy. Lard will be a good frying agent that you can keep and has a long shelf life. It may not be that pleasant but it lasts longer than cooking oils. Preserve these foods in plastic sealable containers with salt and dry ice. Consider other choices of foods for your survival food list that you will find appreciable to your diet and that can last.

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