Special Edition New Garia Mansory Currus Cart

Garia Mansory Currus may be the consequence of a current cooperation among Masonry and Garia, who developed simply 7 samples of this excellent four-wheeler. The exclusive edition electric automobile was influenced by the Garia Roadster and guarantees 37 miles of independence along with a top speed of 37 mph. These numbers are simple to reach with thanks to the introduction of new Lithium batteries and a Efficiency Pack, both characteristics being soon readily available for standard Garia versions as well.

The comprehensive use of carbon fibre triggered in a significant weight-loss as well as in several serious overall look. The luxe materials was utilized for the sills, the fenders  and the rear body panels. Waterproof leather-based covers the dash panel and also seats, and the external incorporates a stylish satin matt clear coat.

Special Edition New Garia Mansory Currus Cart

Revealed at this 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the automobile is equipped with nice stereo system and a fridge. Other essential characteristics range from the adjustable motor braking, adjustable speed mode,  flexible battery regeneration, and 3 various driving modes: Golf, Race and Street.  Fascinated consumers will need to pay €68,000 (approx. $87,000) for the Garia Mansory Currus.

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