Some time ago, there were rumors that Jennifer Lawrence engaged with Chris Martin. And Jen also once said that he is ready to undergo a serious relationship with Chris. She wants to get engaged and have a beautiful baby girl with Chris. Not long after the Christ divorce with his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, this guy is close to Jen and reportedly they were both planning a more serious relationship. Jenn also often encouraged Chris, for example, when Chris held a 2014 iHeart Radio Music Festival in Las Vegas yesterday, Jen looks so supportive and encouraging attendance Chris. Amen, we pray just for the happiness of Jen. Hopefully Jennifer Lawrence engaged with Chris Martin in accordance with their expectations.

Reportedly fiancé of beautiful Miley Cyrus (Liam Hemsworth) in proclaiming close to Jen. Some even say that Liam would be one of the candidates that will produce an article with the title “Jennifer Lawrence engaged”. The source also stated that he saw at a party, Liam and Jen cannot stop flirting and romantic act like lovers.

Indeed, it is possible for a lover Miley Cyrus is indeed a womanizer. Just imagine when he was engaged to Miley she even caught having an affair with January Jones so Miley finally postpone their wedding. Really a bad man ever in the world, (I wonder why not throw Miley. Miley is perfect to get better again. What do you think?) And even worse this man with over blames Miley. And what’s wrong with Miley’s behavior, maybe he makes Miley like that. And Miley did not harm anyone with his behavior. (We should pray just hope Jen also do not get stuck with the charm of death of Australian actor and news Jennifer Lawrence engaged with Liam was a hoax).

Some time ago, there was also blowing news Jennifer Lawrence engaged with Nicholas Hoult. Indeed, there is no official statement from them, but someone was seeing both of them in romance and Jen wear a ring similar to the engagement ring. Blue eyes of that ring that looks stunning in Jen tapering lovely fingers. In photos taken by someone and uploaded to twitter it looks Jen and Nicholas looked very happy and fit together so as to make the entire normal woman in this world jealous of Jen. And all the men in this world are jealous of Nicholas.

Well, that’s the life of the artist, there is just a little different about the artist certainly produces a global issue and big, because he really is now at 21 November 2014 being single. No one can fix it does, maybe he has a secret relationship, but that’s exposed, Jennifer Lawrence singles now. So you’re the man who loves not having to be sad, because it looks like from all the news about Jennifer Lawrence engaged is the only issue (although still no news of him to keep in touch with Chris Martin -the man who is 12 years older than Jen-, I do not know how Jen’s love story in actuality, Jen’s relationships is so complicated.)

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