There are some exciting things to do in Los Angeles, if you for some reasons have planned to spend your honeymoon or holiday in Los Angeles, or if you for certain reason being “lost” in Los Angeles. Seriously, there are plenty things to enjoy while you are visiting Los Angeles. Here are some lists you need to consider when you decide to have a fun time in Los Angeles. First, you can go walk to enjoy the architectural beauty of Los Angeles. You not only enjoy such fascinating view, but also do exercise too. However, since this typical tour is quite popular, it is better if you make the reservation first before joining the tour.

Second, if you bring bunch money along you during your vacation in Los Angeles, you need to include Rodeo Drive as the checklist of things to do in Los Angeles. Since this place provides you with skillful designers whose designs are deserved to die for. The beach can also a good destination when you spend your time in Los Angeles. The famous one is Venice beach. The unique thing about this beach is you don’t only able enjoy the sun and the beach beauty, but also the people in there. It is so unusual when you find a group of body builder, skateboarder, and controversial pamphleteers go along together in just one place like that.

If you are typically people that is curious about the universe and how it is can uniquely relate to human, then you must be enjoying your time to visit Griffith Observatory. You must write down this place on the list of things to do in Los Angeles. Even though, you can’t find the excitement by telescoping Los Angeles’ skyline since it is covered by smog, but you still can enjoy the adventure by observing hall of the eye and half of the sky. Both of them are two popular halls you can discover over there.

Inside the hall, you can find some very interesting displays that bring a fine understanding about how the universe and human are connected to one and another. The next activity listing you should include to the things to do in Los Angeles is having fun in Disneyland. No one of us that is too old to have a fine day in Disneyland. Everyone can enjoy many things in this awesome theme park.

Visiting Museum of Jurassic Park Technology can be another option to consider when you are spending your time in Los Angeles. But, you can’t misunderstand this museum with something like Jurassic Park you see in the movie. No, this is not similar at all. Contrarily, the things that you will find in there are something unique about the life of animals from centuries ago. This museum provides you with the combinations of fictions and facts which mind-blowing you. Yes, I know there are (still) bunch of place you can visit and things to do in Los Angeles, but consider those things above will hurt no one.

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