Small living room design – At present, most of the houses that have enough space, choose large sofas. It seems that this element is ideal to lay on family and enjoy a good movie, receive visitors or just for a restorative nap.

We like sofas Chaise Longue, we will not deny it. They are comfortable, stylish and sophisticated. But why not give a chance to the smaller couches for small living room design? A wide range of 3 sweater sofas that can better adapt to space and also have some really beautiful designs.

Many think that with a 3 sweater sofa lose the space to accommodate more people. Well, the truth is that the smaller sofas are ideal to combine with another element that has us in love, the armchairs. Great combination also can be made with different patterns and shades in each.

Others will say that we decide small living room design on a 3 seater sofa and armchairs, the comfort of a sofa Chaise Longue we lose. Well, the truth is that most 3 seater sofas, armchairs and even come with the same technology as the big sofas. So, rest, stretch their legs and even rocking while reading, it will be no problem.

Modern or classic?? That depends on taste, but the truth is that we really like the combination of a 3 seater sofa with straight lines and modern style with two wingback chairs. It’s an interesting trio for small living room design.

Also, if your dining room is small we can choose the 3 seater sofa and one armchair, or seek other alternatives such as sidewalks, really lovely, or puff, cheaper solutions in space and also offer a result of more beautiful.

If you are determined to make a great combination look to your small living room. Use your own creativity and implement your own small living room design with seats, great combination ideas by combining different ideas in this article.

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