The fashioning of hair style can be considered as an feature of personal fashion, grooming and cosmetics, although cultural, practical and popular considerations are  also influence some of hairstyles look. Here are six cool hairstyles that keep your hair off your face when the heat is on in summer.

1. The Tuck ‘n Cover

Here’s a chance to recycle two no-slip headbands hair style. The first keeps your hair smartly pinned back while the 2nd ties it together.

2. Decelerate For Dummies

Lauren Conrad’s how-to video for mastering a decelerate braid is really easy that hair newbie’s can ready to get the planning in minutes.

3. Voluminous Pony

Sprits your hair roots with dry shampoo, throw with very hot rollers, tease at the crown and pull back into a very high ponytail.

4. Beach Babe

Whether you’re Supping, playing volley ball or chill axing in the sun (with your SPF!) we love very good French braid to keep your sweaty strands out of our eyes.

5. The Blair Waldorf

This look earns bonus points as a bike friendly style for very active commuters. That’s because no helmet’s messing with this hair style Upper East face ‘do.

6. Braid-Wrapped Pony

This is arguably and the easiest look we have found yet. It is a basic two-step hair style that adds a something extra to an ordinary for low ponytail. Get original with a flower hair pin or very old brooch to finish the look.

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