Singer Conchita wurst, whether he deserve to be called a new star? European music world was shocked by the figure of ‘woman’ sexy face filled with the beautiful face beard. Conchita Wurst is a singing talent contest winner, Eurovision is now gaining popularity globally. With a super sexy body and beautiful face, he has unique, thick beards that connect to the mustache.

Many asked whether the singer Conchita wurst maintain a beard or a woman who is a man. The answer is the latter. Male 25 years old whose real name is Thomas Neuwirth does have a slim body that deceive many eyes. Saturday (10/05/2014), the former boy band personnel Austria, Jatzt Anders has just won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 are popular in Copenhagen, Denmark. Stage, he wore a gold embroidered mermaid gown with long sleeves.

Not transgender, singer Conchita wurst is a figure like a drag queen or drag queen RuPaul. The name itself Wurst means sausage in German, but he was referring to a phrase ‘das ist mir doch alles wurst’ which means all the same to me and I do not care. A male graduate of Graz School of Fashion in 2011 was domiciled in several places in Vienna. when he became a finalist, many Austrian citizens who protest but also support through a Facebook account. When winning the Eurovision event, more than 5.3 million tweets discussing her around the world. The Eurovision contest is very popular in Europe, one of the legendary groups ABBA graduate event is in 1974.

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