In celebration of Christmas this year, you do not want to miss a moment of decorating your apartment, right? Do not be discouraged if you have a small apartment. Let’s discuss Christmas decoration for small apartment.

The simpler theme is refers to the color. Christmas decorations trends of 2013 is a blend of two colors and do not get hung up on the green and red colors.

Your Christmas tree still be used? Do not buy anymore. Decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments domination 2 colors. If you like the blue color, you can combine it with white or silver. For small apartments, suitable Christmas tree is a not too big Christmas tree. If the tree is too large will make your apartment seem cramped.

In addition to Christmas trees of evergreen plastic, you can use light bulbs that designed to be a Christmas tree, I ‘m sure would be more artistic look. Christmas decoration for small apartment with Christmas tree from dried twigs? Interesting idea. Suitable for small room and still look artistic and creative.

Decorate a table and chairs with colored cloth suit your theme. You can seat cushion creations with interesting pictures or simply with color creations. Give ribbon accent at some point. Tables can be decorated with candles that you put in the glass, given beads, flowers or ribbons.

Wardrobe of your apartment can be decorated with attaching accessories such as socks, deer antlers, sticks Santa and other Christmas accessories.

What about the bed? Bed cover can be the center of attention on your Christmas decoration for small apartment. You can add the flowers in the corner of the bed.

Things to consider in decorating a small apartment is not to give the impression that too crowded because it will make your apartment look cramped.

Agree with my idea?

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