The public is getting bored with the news of the relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber that will never end. They just reported having relationships, and then this couple decides to end their relationship. However, Selena is issued to have relationship with ex-husband of Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom. This issue has not been confirmed yet, but they are really close to each other. On Monday (20/10) ago, Selena and Bloom is caught in Los Angeles airport with Bloom, she seems to avoid the media, yet she cannot hide her blushed face near Bloom. They are having a conversation, yet the conversation cannot be heard by the media to be reported. Selena spontaneously hides her face with her black jacket. She looks smiling behind her jacket. Is it a proof that Selena has a crush on Bloom?

beautiful selena gomez 2014

beautiful selena gomez 2014

Previously, Selena Gomez tried to hide their close relationship. She even pretends to hold someone’s hand that is reported as a friend that is instructed by Justin to look after her. Both Selena and Orlando seem to know the presence of paparazzi near their location. Then, Selena hides her face using her black jacket, while Orlando hides her face using his hat. Some photos that are captured by the paparazzi, there is a photo that captured their expression looking at the camera. This can be the indication that they are already known the presence of paparazzi. In some of the previous report, the news reported the special relationship between Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom. This rumor is getting stronger since she laid her punch on Justin a moment ago.

No-one knows what happened between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. When they have a relationship, the relationship is easily ended. The media still search for the information about the problem of their relationship. Yet, there is no clue upon the reason of Selena breaking the relationship with Justin Bieber. According to the interview, the singer of A Year without Rain reveals the fact that she really disappointed with Justin because he never fulfill his promise, like published by the Daily Mail. This makes the Selena is tired to expect. Selena cannot accept this condition because she has long waiting the serious behavior from Justin. The YouTube star had promised to immediately propose a marriage to her. However, this never happened. A promise is just a promise.

In fact, Justin even had a close relationship with Kendall Jenner. They both were caught having a romantic dinner a moment ago. Justin is known to have a close relationship with Kadarshian-Jenner family, yet there is no clue why he really enjoys having romantic dinner with 18 year old model, Kendall Jenner. Then, Selena assumed that Justin does not want to continue the more serious relationship. Maybe this is why she needs a man that is more mature and responsible, the man who can fulfill their promises. In this condition, Orlando Bloom comes as the ideal man for Selena. The relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin will be always be hot news, now is getting hotter with the presence of Orlando Bloom.

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