Seepark Hotel Lindner Achitecture Design byTrecolore Architect. The complex separates the highly been to street from the fresh arranged natural playground. It is partly inserted into the ground. About the parking side huge windows allow the see into the functional places (wellness, seminar, and also therapy). The shelves for bikes and also pedestrians are pursuing the new erected place and preserve the particular sight towards the playground and the watercourse.

The Hotel Lindner Achitecture Design building occurs as a curved sublevel stoping. A great abstraction of the surrounding landscaping and nature dished up as inspiration. A healthy structure is pulled over the dominant construction like a sculptural element in the particular adjacent green. The particular striking façade of ALUCOBOND® will be the characteristic feature with the Lindner Hotel. Its layout is derived from nature. The particular so called bubble-façade is attached in front of the balconies. Essential factors are the curvilinear endings on the base and the parapets.

The particular look-and-feel of the secondary constructing shows harder geometrical forms and sports ths concept of a business and also conference hotel. The particular façade of this Hotel Lindner Achitecture Design, has a vertical structure due to its curved kind. The colour choice varies from pastel in product white for the percolate construction up to brownish shades for the plaster on the road’s side. Structures regarding wood and coppice have been integrated homogeneously.

The master plan with the outdoor facilities is very important to the whole undertaking. The enlargement with the littoral zones and the penile erection of a small possess is key of the notion in terms of design overall performance. The access simply by boat is possible for your guests. Please check out the Hotel Lindner Achitecture Design photo gallery below.

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