Singer star Kim Kardashian surgery actually is repeated many times and be the most questioning things to many people. She is known has changed over her nose that before is not to change drastically. Many people give their opinion related to this thing. Most said that she totally changed over her nose by using plastic surgery. But according to Kim, she argues that she never had plastic surgery to answer the question. Of course, ifwe take a look to her nose and compare it with hers in earlier eight years ago, we will find that her nose really different. On this day her nose looks so thin andshapely. But compare it with the preview view, it will very contrast and raise the opinion that she really does plastic surgery.

kim kardashian surgery

kim kardashian surgery

This rumor actually spread out after she got married to Kane West in last May. Many opinions rise that says she got a nose job before the wedding. This rumor totally denied by Kim Kardashian and says again that she never do plastic surgery to change over his face or his nose. But the rumor of KimKardashian surgery never finds end story and debate. Everyone shouts their opinion about her plastic surgery and often be a headline in many newspapers. According to many sources mentioned that Kim really had a plastic surgery and changed over her face, especially her nose.

Most people also think that she never does plastic surgery related to her age. Changing of skin and aging will affect many changes in the skin, especiallythe face. This opinion about Kim Kardashian surgery support what Kim said to deny many people about her plastic surgery case. According to this opinion, it is true that Kim might have no plastic surgery, but it is not fair to say she did it as well. Kim Kardashian surgery will be public or fans question and will lead to many debates to tell the truth. However, how about letting it be? What she wants to do? It is her life and her face, so that why do people still concern to something that is not theirs? Of course, everybody has their own view about this one, but at least we have our own respect to this icon. So that she can live her life as she wants to be.

If we take a look to various news and argument that said Kim have changed over his face, we can find many things that related to how or what kind of surgery she did. For instance, is; Kim’s nose is mentioned that really different that previous eight years. This kind of change might occur related to her age. Everyone must know that the more they treat their skin or body perfectly, the more they get a better look. We can say that it is happening to Kim. And about Kim surgery rumor, we can take the positive thing from this one. If it is better for her and does not disturb her life, why not? The problem is this Kim Kardashian surgery rumor should be stopped soon.

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