Beautify the wedding room interior design is one of the usual procession prepared before the wedding takes place. Bridal room/wedding room is the first room that will be used for the bride and groom resting place.

Wedding room decoration is not only install equipment to sleep but more than that can be used on the addition of fresh flowers in various corners of the room.

For decorations can be made with simple decor, minimalist or modern decor and adapted to the needs of the bride and groom and family traditions.

For a simple wedding room interior design is usually use a fresh flower arrangements that accompanied the bed head with 2 pieces of flowers standing on either side.

In choosing a special wedding room decoration, flowers and colors to note that according to the style of wedding that is fresh flowers do not wilt like sunflowers dahlias and lilies scented flowers casual like Casablanca.

To make it more special, sprinkle rose petals on your bed. Candles light will likely make your room be romantic wedding room.

For those of you who like surprises and want to give surprise for your love, put an impressive gift in the blanket and cheerfulness will complement the wedding room interior design.

Happy honeymoon!

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