Everybody in the world now in sorrow, our excellent artist Monty Oum was passed away in February, 1st 2015. This awesome guy, Monty Oum, who born in June, 22nd 1981, was known a video game maker and also he was an employee at Rooster Teeth Production. He was totally well-known after his famous web series Red VS Blue’s out. Many people are interested to play the game because of his precious design. However, he was not making a game trailer but also amazing music video for many famous singers such as Mariah Carey’s hit single and Gee single of Girls Generation, a Korean-pop girl group. His amazing talent was really made people inspired by him to do the best for their job. A lot of teenagers in the world are trying to be as good as him and born another talented people every day.

Little Monty Oum was born in providence, Rhode Island. And he was a Vietnamese, Cambodian, Japanese, Chinese’s blood. So, that’s why he was really handsome. Many people like him so much, but he already has a spouse. Her named was Sheena Duquette. She is 25 years old. She is also an animator just like her beloved boyfriend. On the other hand, she is an international cos player too. She loves to make her own custom and share it in her web. According to her twitter, @sheenie_weenie, she is stillloved him so much. She has also uploaded a picture with Monty Oum in her instagram. We know that his death was all of sudden. We believe that both of them are combining perfectly to do their work, indeed.

He was staying in hospital and then coma about a week after he infected anguish allergy. In Monty Oum’s last bow, he accompanied by all people who love him so much at the hospital. There are Sheena, his lovely wife; money, his beloved dad; Woody, his cousin; Sey; Chivy and Neat. Also, his beloved Thea and Theary were staying and carrying him with all love. Doctors already did their best for him, but he still could not be helped until the last. Monty best friends said that they hope people were not giving up to create new ideas and did the best for every work as Monty Oum always did before.

Monty Oum firstly appeared with “Haloid” in his great fan video. In that famous fan video, it showed Master Chief from Halo’s series. Besides “Haloid” maybe you have known him by his awesome work when he made Dead or Alive character met the Final Fantasy “Death Fantasy” series. With this amazing work, he was asked to join the Rooster Teeth Company and made “Red VS Blue” series. In the last, the Monty family hopes that people all over the world can learn a lot from him and inspire for every work. They ask all fans to use their imagination for making the world better. They truly really hope that in the future there will be so many creative people who can work as good as Monty Oum, even more.

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