Remy Martin, this is well-known cognac manufacturer that is firstly established about three hundred years ago, precisely on 1972. As a family oriented winemaker, this one never lost its quality to control the production of their wine- and the uniqueness of its taste make this cognac gain its popularity more and more. The popularity of this cognac brand leads to the introduction of this product to America in 1973. For sure as a cognac house (if it can say so), there are some upside down story that make this winemaker grows stronger years by years. If you are a beginner for this cognac then, you should know that there are some types of cognacs that are catered to you, from the youngest to the oldest.

The cognac types for Remy Martin are VSOP, 1738 Accord Royal, Louis XIII, and the last one is X.O Excellence. For sure each of the cognac delivers its drinker its own taste signature. However, let jump to typical VSOP cognac, this kind of cognac is known very popular for its subtle taste and pedigree, the price for this delightful fine champagne is $41.95. Then, if you prefer something authentic and old, then you can try something like 1738 Accord Royal. The taste of this cognac is simply unique with its unique combination of richness and smooth flavors, make this is one unbeatable. The price tag for this type of cognac can be about 49,95, yes a bit expensive compared to the previous one.

Another type of Remy Martin Cognac is Louis XIII. Some say, when you take a sip of this cognac you will taste the history. The age of this cognac can reach a century. That’s why this one is quite expensive. The price for this type is $2.500. More, this type has the combination of 1,200 eau-de-vie which make the taste and the smell of this cognac so authentic and unique. You can feel the smell of fresh flower, hazelnut and some. Then, the last one is X.O Excellence. This type is for those who love the mixture of spiciness and flower freshness aroma. You will also discover a nice smooth texture with its richness- and the price for this cognac is about $149.95.

From the different of prices above, it can tell that the oldest the cognac is, the most expensive the price is, and different ages gap cater you different unique taste. However, you the one who decide kind of favorite Remy Martin cognac’s flavors that you love. In fact, there is two ways for you to enjoy this premium brand cognac. First, you can directly drink the cognac just like it is or, second you can mix the cognac as the cocktail mixture. Either way, the taste will spoil you. Then, if you are typical people that love to know where whatever you drink or eat comes from, then, there is a tour to visit this winemaker. You can enjoy the distillery, vineyard, cellars, and historical estate around Remy Martin by small train to ride you around

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