Chinese New Year arriving soon. For those of you who celebrate the Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year home decoration will add the excitement of the ambience. Red ornament and typical decoration, able to provide their own atmosphere in your special celebration.

Welcoming Chinese New Year, let’s experiment with different styles, the Chinoiserie style or decorating Bamboo Curtain country style. This Chinese New Year home decoration style is a blend of European style with Asian design that emphasizes the elegant and symmetrical. Distinctive character design furniture and decoration combines classic European style with a touch of traditional Asian accent.

This style looks very light because the color and intricate details that are often seen in oriental style minimized making it look simple, but classy and many use a combination of blue and white.

To add a beautiful Chinoiserie decoration, you can combine with classic style furniture options that use the main material like light brown wood that feels warm atmosphere.

Can also use the vintage color so it looks old impression. You can give an accent pillow on a chair or sofa with silk upholster blue, white, or green with traditional Asian motifs, such as dragons, fish, birds, and Chinese mythology figures.

To reinforce Chinoiserie theme, can also use bird wallpaper patterned silk, bamboo, or painting Wall of China, of course, with a blue or white base color. We can put a Chinese ceramic jars, plates, teapots and various sizes.

So, are you ready to remodel special Chinese New Year home decoration style arrangements to welcome the Chinese New Year? Good luck

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