Rectangular room layout – It is usually a problem in small spaces, especially in juvenile furniture, mixing “stay” clearly very different functionality. It is very important to set clear boundaries between these different spaces, since the mixture of work and rest areas can result in a negative mode and such functions.

This youth room has combined different styles with rectangular room layout, reflecting the personality of the owner of the bedroom. It has clearly limited the bedroom area of the study area, as shown in the photograph. In addition, we chose a tone green pistachio both favoring relaxation and concentration. Light colors are also prevalent, since they expand the space. Games another concept contrasts are based on the decor of the room.

Then we will make a photo tour for the significant corners of this youth bedroom, hoping that you will inspire.

First, we enter the bedroom area.

Rectangular room layout as wall decoration wooden modules with natural forms (Store bought Practice); butterflies, and joined creating the desired shape.

For a more personal touch to the wardrobe hung a small chrome metal heart ornament. (From Madison du Monde).

Both pads as the bedside lamp covered with red pearl belong to the signature Banka matter, as is the custom accounts that we see on the bedside table.

Regarding the rest, the use of a mirror waves, which always creates the illusion of a larger space (highlights of IKEA ), quilt and other cushions (of Bandon ) and white lantern (of House ).

We end our visit, entering the study area.

Rectangular room layout as storage solution study material is lined and decorated a conventional box and adapted to the shelf. Both LOVE letters (cork, can be found at any paint store) as the photo frame was painted at home order to better suit the decor of the rest of the stay.

I hope you liked it and inspired. If you want to see more of my articles, and thanks for your visit my site and reading our post about rectangular room layout for a youth room.

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