Private and Luxurious Jasri Beach Villas in Bali

Providing serious privacy, total comfort and sheer luxury, the Jasri Beach Villas are placed anywhere between the vast rainforest of East Bali and also the gorgeous Indian Ocean. They’re challenging to spot, like every true cherish must be. The 2 villas were developed by their owner/architect Warren Sunnland along with Bali-based Mekar Studio.

Private and Luxurious Jasri Beach Villas in Bali

Enthusiasm for the challenge originated from conventional Balinese architecture, however the villas also show off plenty of modern capabilities, such as flat screen TVs, air conditioning and much more. Hand attractive stone and Merbau wooden are among the good components selected for these luxurious buildings. Additionally they feature luxe furniture and lots of high-end conveniences, for example an infinity pool, walk in showers and outstanding indoor-outdoor entertaining and living areas.

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