Prince William and Kate Middleton latest news is they are entering the third year of their marriage. Wedding anniversary which falls on 29 April 2014 was celebrated yesterday by the two specials. William and Kate do not make a special celebration of gratitude for the third anniversary of their wedding. Both prefer to rest at home when the happy day arrives on Tuesday (29/04/2014).

Earlier on prince William and Kate Middleton latest news, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose a break because both had just returned from Australia and New Zealand after a three-week immersion tour in the two countries. William and Kate’s royal duties have not undergone the UK again and want to spend time relaxing at home with their son, Prince George. In the last year as a second wedding anniversary, William and Kate celebrate separately. When the prince was undergoing military service with the British air force, While Kate looks royal duty to visit the children’s hospital in Hampshire, England.

This third wedding anniversary felt different to William and Kate with the presence of Prince George. Last year’s, in nine-month-old prince was still in the mother’s womb. That is Prince William and Kate Middleton latest news.

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