Christmas just ended. But the party has not been completed. There is still a new year should be greeted with joy. It’s ready to greet him? Still confused because of limited funds? Do not be confused. Because I bring tips New Year eve decorations cheap.
Make the most of your Christmas decorations for New Year’s Eve decorations.
First, you can use the lights you use to decorate Christmas trees. Put the lights on the wall or cupboard. Christmas balls on the tree can be found hanging on the front door of the living room.
Second, make various paper cutouts creations into star, circles and flowers. Looking for the tutorials on the internet for cutting easier. Once the cut is complete, you can hang them on the ceiling of the house or put them in the cupboard or wall.
Third, create a new cap year of waste paper. You can make a simple cone-shaped hat and combine it with cutouts colorful paper and ribbon. To make it different you can draw it with any pictures or you can make a variety of hat shapes. Use the used goods that can be used, such as plastic food wrap that you can paste it on a hat, or you have an unused cardboard.
The next New Year eve decorations cheap step is how to decorate the dining table with the grain. You can use corn kernels, red beans, green awning, the beads of fruits by placing them in a glass. You can make various candle holder from scrap. Such as tin cans and orange peel.
Turn of the year will not be festive without fireworks. You can buy small fireworks and place at the dinner table. You can stick fireworks in orange, watermelon or other strong fruit. When the turn of the year come, light fireworks and happy new year.

This New Year eve decorations cheap tips is cheap enough, right? Happy celebrate New Year and happy saving.

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