Madonna boyfriend is currently the most searched news search. Singer Madonna was seen performing with a young man while in New York, USA, last week. The man who looks athletic was touted as her new boyfriend. Who’s the man? Young men who were seen with Madonna were a choreographer named Timor Steffens. The man who also works as an actor was 26 years old. That is such a handsome man aged 29 years younger than the singer who is now 55 years old.

Timor Steffens is a Madonna boyfriend now. It can be seen paparazzi shots of Madonna and East performing together after watching a Broadway stage. As quoted by the Daily Mail, the mother of four children had been dating for several months with the young man. East is not the first young man who courted by Madonna. Previously had twice the singer of ‘Like a Prayer’ was having an affair with a man much younger than her age.

Who is previous Madonna boyfriend  who has a young age? Only in December 2013 and Madonna broke from her boyfriend 25-year-old, Brahim Zaibat. She and that man who works as a dancer, they were dating since 2010. Previously, Madonna is also known to have been dating Brazilian model and DJ, Jesus Luz. The time became lovers, two were once filming ads for Louis Vuitton together. Madonna’s interest in popcorn happened after her divorce from director Guy Ritchie in 2008

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