Modern Zen architecture style is a style of flow development concept blend of modern architecture with traditional Japanese style. Traditional Japanese style known as Zen philosophy, where the elements of the earth such as soil, wood, water, stone, and the air was very dominating in seeing a more simple life concept, so look at the interior design and architectural applications.

Tips of Modern Zen architecture arrangement:

1 . Decorative elements should be used to a minimum. Choose furniture with simple design lines give “the impression” in space.

2 . Utilization of transparent glass areas and walls will give breathing space to the arrangement as a whole.

3 . Use light and dark colors are balanced in order to reach equilibrium. Dark or bright colors will reinforce the impression of Zen.

4 . Arrangement of furniture and other objects in space not too dense, not to interfere with the movement of the eyes look too human motion.

5 . Leave some wiggle room so impressed flowing and comfortable space.

6 . Do not forget to bring the atmosphere and the “mood” into any arrangement of space.

7 . Natural and artificial lighting is very important in shaping the atmosphere of the room, taste, music and touch. You should be able to feel the warmth, comfort and safety when you are in it.

Apply this tips if you really want make modern zen architecture for your home.

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