You get bored with the classic and conventional Christmas decorations? Maybe it’s time to you move on a Christmas decorations modern. How to apply? Follow my tips below.

Interior Christmas does not always have predominantly green color of pine trees with red and white accents of berries and snow. The concept can be applied to any welcoming home decorating Christmas celebration.


Christmas Tree

The combination of elements as well plus a display table decorations candles and white Christmas tree shaped, as if emphasizing keep holy the feast of the use of white color.

Put the dried trees on either side of the couch. The tree is made from the dried arrangement long twigs without leaves, which is given accessory hanger like a Christmas tree. Although without leaves, dried tree form can also be used as inspiration. Christmas tree displayed in modern, but still nuanced Christmas decorations with a variety of elements around it.


Applying the concept of the Christmas decorations modern meant to replace some of the traditional elements that are commonly used. Call it a series of leaf – shaped wreath circle commonly hung on a door or on a wall – or classic angel dolls.

For example, a display table is no longer a form of angel dolls angel and ideally proportioned, but comes with a cartoon character without a lot of detail in the colors of artifacts cheerful scattered.


Even the wax element commonly used as Christmas decorations have appeared contemporary with diverse shapes, no longer simply shaped pillars. Just look at the pine tree -shaped candles in red and white, or sprinkled with glitter ball shaped candles in classic motifs such as flowers.

Candle container was not just a bowl or a tall candle holder. Varied shapes of Christmas trees, Santa Claus, until the character of the angels. This candle holder has a perforated motif on the lid, making the flame glowed out in accordance with the shape of the holes.

The use of candles in Christmas decoration is not new. These decorative candles includes important element for Christmas decorations modern because it creates an aura of warm and lift the atmosphere of vigorous celebration. Candles on Christmas Day also symbolizes hope, happiness, and rebirth.

Wax colors to choose from too diverse. In addition to the colors commonly used in Christmas like red and green, wax is available in the colors gold, silver, or white.


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