Modern Cassell Street Housein Melbourne, Australia

The very first factor we love to relating to this residence may be the first factor we have seen: its two-tone travertine façade. The contemporary home, known as Cassell Street House, is situated in Melbourne and it had been produced by b.e architecture, an architectural firm around australia. The work was carried out in 2012, changing a connected Edwardian row house.

Boasting 5,382 sq ft of space, the residence is indicated by both openness and privacy. The part that faces the road is much more compact and closed, as the living space around the lower level features extensive double glazed that guarantees a seamless link with your garden.

Modern Cassell Street Housein Melbourne, Australia

The areas about this level are divided in 2 distinct areas: one for daytime/summer season, facing north and getting sights for an outside diner along with a pool one for night time/winter season,oriented towards south and facing the backyard.

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