As many of you will no doubt remember, Marlo Thomas starred on the hit 1960’s television sitcom entitled That Girl, and later appeared in films including Jenny and It Happened One Christmas. When she’s not being idolized by her celebrity husband, Phil Donahue, she is serving as the national outreach director as St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Apart from her fabulous career, she seems to have yet another passion, which is an eagerness to remain forever young through marlo thomas plastic surgery. The following is a brief look at some of the nips and tucks that she has gone through over the years.

Marlo’s sojourns into the world of plastic surgery began even before she starred in her sitcom, with the very first of many procedures, which was a good old-fashioned nose job. If you look at before and after pictures of herself, you can clearly see that her nose has changed shape, and it appears more pinched. Unfortunately, the results of her nose job were far from spectacular. Her nose became too narrow, unlike what a normal human being would have. There’s no doubt that she wanted a more refined nose, which her physician failed to provide.

A facelift would soon follow the first marlo thomas plastic surgery. When you compare her old photographs and her most recent ones, it does seem that she’s had her face lifted because her skin appears smoother, tighter as well as shinier. It’s not common for women of her age to be free from lines or wrinkles unless she has had plastic surgery. She may have had Botox injected into her face or even a filler injection to take care of the lines and wrinkles. Her recent photos also reveal that her face appears stiff, unnatural and definitely worked on. You can notice that she has undergone lip augmentation because her lips look thinner.

The proper word that can be used to describe this plastic surgery is disaster. You can’t really help but feel for her since she used to be a very pretty woman but now she just looks plain weird. As it happens with such cases, the more plastic surgery you have, the greater the temptation to have just one more procedure in order to provide the finishing touch. However, this only leads to a downward spiral where one continues to look less natural with more procedures.

Marlo Thomas hasn’t exactly addressed the rumors of plastic surgery. However, it’s plain to see that her face has changed over the years. You might say that she tried too hard in her quest to remain forever young. Perhaps it would have been better for her to let nature take its course and allow herself to age gracefully. The fact is that one can have a facelift without going under the knife by using facemasks. Judging by the results of marlo thomas plastic surgery, you can’t help but wonder if she did her homework from the beginning and if her physician only took advantage of her need to remain beautiful even past old age.


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