Christmas celebration this year seems to be celebrated with a Christmas party. After conducting mass in a church, it’s time gathered with family and friends to celebrate Christmas. What should be prepared for Christmas decoration party?

Indoor party

For indoor Christmas party, our decorative room as beautiful as possible. With the hanger ornament written with “Marry Christmas”, star, socks, and all the Christmas ornaments. A beautiful Christmas tree decorated with shimmering lights with miniature angel in bristlecone pine. Decorating the Christmas table with red shades of white, red, green or gold can be your choice.

Inviting guests to wear a Christmas themed dress code like Santa Clause, Black Pit, Deer and others would seem to make it more festive Christmas party. Do not forget to make a Christmas themed cupcake with delicious toppings for your guests.

Outdoor party

Welcoming guests with a gate made ??of a series of balloon seems to be a creative idea of Christmas decoration party, right? Added with wreaths and ornaments as a replacement roof lights that hang in the air. Wow … this time it looks like the Christmas party will be festive. What if we add some interesting games will be played with friends and relatives? For those who win the game given special Christmas gift.

I’m sure if you try my Christmas decoration party ideas all the guests who come will be impressed.

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