Christmas is “the” ultimate children’s party! Christmas religious festival, civil party or children’s party, Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to learn in complicity and love parent- child! What a joy for children to participate in the preparations for the Christmas party! Find all crafts to prepare a nice Christmas with the kids. Making craft with your children will make them fun greet the Christmas. Here You can find many ideas and links to sites explaining Christmas decorations DIY specially designed for decorating the Christmas season.


Use glass jars to make lanterns (yoghurt pots up or down , jam jars with tea light candles) and customize them.

Making lanterns using yoghurt pots or glass jars jams. Put a layer of sand and a candle inside (the main color of your decoration), a node raffia (natural or color of the candle) circling the jar outside or fir garland or ivy to surround the jar. A little about the Christmas theme and / or a flower can be stitched or attached.


A clay pot cooked natural, painted or towel can be used as candle in a candle. This will be maintained by a piece of florist foam or a ball of dough (bread or salt) deposited at the bottom of the clay pot.


Balls of polystyrene (or Styrofoam) coated fabric colors and patterns Christmas patchwork way.

Dragees, candy, colorful macaroons, chocolates or Christmas cookies, preferably homemade (eg biscuits shaped tree and star) can be presented in transparent Christmas balls, possibly suspended. These kind of Christmas decorations DIY will be more personalized than Christmas balls in chocolate bought at the supermarket.

Apples in their natural state can serve balls, suspended or placed on the table. The red blend well with the Christmas decorations. Your apples may be slightly past the spray paint or artificial snow can be hung on the Christmas tree or wreaths, nuts and other fruits as well (in this case, do consume more and use them just for decoration, without contact with food).

This is my idea about Christmas decorations DIY. What about your idea?


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