You are music lovers who want to build a music studio in your home? For the interior design of the corresponding necessary, especially considering the need to provide a special space for the construction of the music studio. Of course, in addition to a special room, there are several other aspects that need to be considered to make interior design for music room.

For the room, you can use the space or vacant land which may exist in your home. But if not, you can perform the function of pooling existing space, such as a garage or shed. If your house has a basement can be great because the room is suitable to be fitted with soundproof.

Then the minimum size of the room if you want to make a music studio at home? You can provide land about 4 × 5 meters for a studio that is ideal. With an area that much, you can put a microphone, two large speakers, guitar, bass, and drums in it. If you want to make a studio recording gentlemen, allow an extra 3 × 4 meter high ceiling and woke up around 2.6 to 2.7 meters.

You also need to install the air conditioner for the sake of convenience in the music studio. Note the color of furniture, studio furniture colors will make interior design for music room look more harmonious.

Before material silencers fitted, organize all the advance electronic and mechanical elements. Note also that all ventilation air ducts into the interior design for music room.

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