For those who already taste Louis XIII cognac they must know how exactly this delightful cognac is. However, for those who are not, here some (even not too details) information toward things you should know about this cognac. Speaking of which, one of many types of Remy Martin Cognac that available, you will find out that this cognac is the mixture of hard work, unique flavors, and the last not to mention, it offers you with a high price. But, actually, the price that you pay for this cognac is nothing compared to the experience you’ve got after you sip this one, each layer of this cognac gives you different pleasant sensations which make you forget about the price. Simply say, you drink a masterpiece.

The aged of Louis XIII cognac de Remy Martin, from the youngest can be about forty years old, meanwhile, the oldest can be about more than one hundred years old. Can you imagine that each drop of this cognac tell you a story about the hard work of the best people from generation to generation. Just like any other cognac you might find, that the best material of this cognac is grape. But, the thing that make this one different is, that the grapes as the base material for this cognac are the best grade grapes from particular vineyard like grand champagne to petite champagne. To make the best cognac like Remy Martin Louis XIII, then you need to precisely count the right time when to harvest the grape and when to distill it. If you get wrong, it means everything is useless.

So why only professional that has expertise in this specialty can do the job. The next thing after harvesting and distilling the cognac to-be (let say so), is finding the right storage. The storage for this typical cognac is not any storage, it must an oak. But still, it is not any oak. It must be particular oak from its neighborhood and the age should pass certain period. Yes, it’s all about the right calculation. And, the making process of Louis XIII cognac is quite complicated. Somehow, to get the best result you need to pass certain complexity, just like life. Talking about life, this cognac is made from approximately 1,200 eau-de-vie or water of life. This combination perhaps which makes the flavors is incomparable.

Since, the oldest of this type of cognac can be more than a century, this cognac deals with many repeating process from different expert. Definitely, Louis XII cognac is not only the symbol of lustrous water of life, more than that, this represents dedication. Then, when it comes to the unique taste, you will discover plenty layers of taste like honey, leather, vanilla, fresh flower, nutty flavor, and fig. Perhaps, if someday you can taste it by yourself, then you can confirm it by yourself. The scent of this cognac is also unique, so delicate yet, so rich. You can feel the scent, the lustrous of Louis XIII cognac de Remy Martin even from certain distance. 

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