Going to Los Angeles means that you have to visit the Los Angeles Convention Center. As the name show as Los Angeles Convention Center or simply LACC is a building that functioned as convention center located in the southwest area of Los Angeles’s downtown. The convention center built in 1969 and opened in 1971. This building is designed by Charles Luckman. At the first time, this building is only built as a rectangle building which located on Figueroa Street between Chick Hearn CT and Pico Boulevard. In 2008 this building awarded as the first US convention center and the first building in Los Angeles city that have size in that era.

Unfortunately, in 1997 the northeast area of the Convention center has been grounded in order to give Staples Center a path for entrance and exit. The annex of this Convention center is constructed from white steel frames and green glass. The development of this building also helps by new architect James Ingo Freed which has successfully designed the south area of Pico. When you came to this building you will be welcomed in Gilbert Lindsay Plaza the front area of Los Angeles Convention Center. The name of this plaza is coming from a congressman who has represented Los Angeles for many years.

During the great tornado storm in 1983 this building successfully survived, although the top of this building suffers several damages. Then the upper level of this building comes to its emendation and has its new Convention Center sign for worth of three million dollars. The Los Angeles Convention Center has become a host for many luxurious and great exhibitions and awards. Annual events in Los Angeles also choose Convention Center as the place. There are such well known Electronic Entertainment Expo video game exhibition, the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, Primetime Emmy Awards and Anime Expo,

For this great design, the Los Angeles Convention Center earns Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certificate from the United States Green Building Council for Existing building. This building sometimes has been chosen as a movie filming area for some big movie like Starship Troopers as the spaceport and Rush Hour as background in an epic fighting scene. Various TV Shows also take part on the usage of this building. The great Grammy Awards since 2005 has licensed the Convention Center as the host of the MusiCares Person of the Year events. This building has been a landmark of Los Angeles city.

The parts of Convention Center have its own name, the naming of these areas is a kind of admiration to people that stated as highly contribute to the Los Angeles city and the United States in general. Like Gilbert Lindsay Plaza is to honor a downtown congressman representation for many years. Mayor Tom Bradley Exhibit Hall in South Hall, Mayor Sam Yorty in West Hall and Neil Petree Hall are the rooms that came from names of influential people. The Los Angeles Convention Center becomes the largest convention center in the United States with 67.000 m2 in width and 13.700 m2 of meeting space.

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