Lorena Rojas can be considered as one of the most successful soap opera in Mexico. Her career starts from many years ago and she had some titles for the soap operas that hit the public back then. Unfortunately, there is one thing that only few people are aware from her. It is her cancer. Yes, back around the year of 2008, she was diagnosed to have the breast cancer and starting from that time, she is fighting the cancer that she had. Even though it is not easy, she fought the breast cancer on her body.

After some years fighting the cancer inside the body, around the year of 2013, there is news spreading out that her health condition is getting worse. At the same time, she was interviewed about her awareness of the breast cancer that she had. Lorena Rojas is totally aware that the breast cancer that she had is a chronic disease that might take away her life. Around the year of 2014, she got another diagnosed that the cancer on the area of her beast has spread to the area of her liver and it became a bad news for her.

At the climax of her cancer, she reached the 44th of her age in February 2015. Unfortunately, this is the last time that she is able to celebrate her birthday with all of her families and the people that she loves. That is because a few days later after her birthday, she passed away fighting her cancer. Her contribution to the Mexico can be considered as something great since she became one of the most well known actress from Mexico and she is not only famous in Mexico but also in the world. No one will be able to forget about Lorena Rojas, especially her families and the loved ones.

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