Jennifer Lopez kids are very attracting people’s attention. Jennifer Lopez has twins’ children; the name is Emme Maribel Munis as a daughter and Maximilian Davin Muniz as a son. The most interesting is Jennifer Lopez have twin children, but there having different sexes. Jennifer Lopez that owned high fashion taste makes their child also have high fashion in their daily clothes. Max and Emme are now 6 years old that look very stylish appearance to the attention of the crowd to imitate the fashion of their children.

Max and Emme are twins who were born on 22 February 2008, in addition to Max and Emme, Jennifer Lopez also had a son that named Cristian Anthony Muniz that was born on 5 February 2001. Christian was the son of the previous Jennifer Lopez husband. There is also Ryan Anthony Muniz that born on 16 August 2003, Ryan also the stepson of the Jennifer Lopez previous husband. Jennifer Lopez previously divorced with two previous husbands, then married to the father of Max and Emme, Latin Marc Anthony, but the marriage did not last long enough, they later divorced and Jennifer Lopez becomes a single again.

jennifer lopez kids

jennifer lopez kids

Jennifer Lopez had problems with her husband since 2004 they married and had children. Jennifer Lopez divorced with her husband in 2011 and at that time Jennifer Lopez should strive to organize his own life with her children. The Jennifer Lopez kids who had been braced her with love. Jennifer Lopez also admits she learned a lot about the love. Jennifer Lopez also teaches their children to care about each other and helps them. Jennifer Lopez teaches their children to be aware of the world that not everything has luxury facilities, and she had to help people who need it.

Jennifer Lopez love to play with their children at home. The Jennifer Lopez kids sometimes sing a song Jennifer Lopez lyrics, but they sing it with the funny way. Jennifer Lopez has enjoyed his time at home with her children and watch television show every night and they love it. Jennifer Lopes also did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy some clothes wear for her children. It all looks when the children wear clothes that are stylish glamorous, high fashion and also for children as young as 6 years old. Jennifer Lopez is very concerned about his appearance and his children. Her appearances sometimes are trends for many people who want to look stylish. For several occasions, Jennifer Lopez’s daughter, Emme, affect also wear clothes and accessories made by the famous designer.

Although Jennifer Lopez with her husband had divorced, however, they remained together thinking about education for their children. They still meet each other to pick up children for school or just to meet up to do. They remain to prioritize everything about the future of their children. However, their children sometimes find her father when her father did not come to visit and meet them. The Jennifer Lopez kids always asked when the father came home to sleep with them, but Jennifer Lopez just answers it with a positive answer, because she’s trying not to hurt the child that she loved. Jennifer Lopez always loves her Jennifer Lopez kids.

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