A lot of people are waiting for Robert Pattinson gossip on this 2014. They want to know what happened to Robert this time. This time there are rumors that shocked many fans of twilight. Robert pattinson were known since he played a handsome vampire in “The Twilight Saga”. Robert thought that he was already old enough to play that role. Many fans were disappointed with Robert statement, because they want to see Robert coupled with Kristen Stewart in this sequel again.

But nevertheless Robert Pattinson gossip does not end there, he did not refuse if you have to team up again with the director, including Catherine Hardwickle,. The director of the first Twilight movie later directing in politics movie titled “Cosmopolis”. That’s because, Robert think that she is a great director and Robert lot of respect to her.

After the end of The Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson was flooded with film offers. It can be proved with four new projects such as “Maps to the Stars”, “Queen of the Desert”, biopic James Dean “Life” to “The Rover” which will be released in the United States beginning June 13, 2014. Robert even refused a film about the capture of Saddam Hussein titled “Mission: Blacklist” which was planned to be one of the landmarks of change in the direction of his career. This happens because the shooting schedule along with the Queen of the Desert and the central Life was doing. That is Robert Pattinson gossip today.

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